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How To Deal With Dry January And Get Cosy With Kids

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

January is sooo dry. I don’t mean the absence of drinks, I mean the way everything is in moderation and the joys of life are scarce. And with kids, limiting joy is not the way forward. So how can we make it a little more inviting?

Every January we’re dealt the same hand. So why oh why do we not have a strategy to deal with the inevitable dark nights, miserable weather, skimpy weekly budget and lack of things going on? This year energy bills are through the roof to top it off. Arrrgh!

Anyway, I am trying to make it a little cosier than it is in space quarters with Blue Monday looming, the most depressing day of the year (but we don’t need to own that), here's my top ways to combat the cold and the blues.

  1. Drink more hot stuff (and warm up the milk for Little) . I love a decaf latte from Millfields Coffee cafe a cute little spot in Clapton on the corner of Chatsworth road. They do a great little menu and the take away queue for coffee is is usually long.

  2. Up the supply of blankets. I picked up a great one from Decathlon. It’s a double so more than enough space to fit Little in. I has a soft interior and a quilted exterior

  3. Don't begrudge a co sleep/ nap with Little (my human blanket). Co - sleeping is generally quite positive for attachment and bonding, and while so many of us ditch it ( in the early days for safety) co sleep nap and snuggle is well good as an alternative

  4. Wear and set aside 100 layers. I'm doing this for both of us (his childminder doesn’t appreciate that one).

  5. Fresh air local walks. I love a local-ish walk. Walthamstow is my fave haunt for all their murals I can see along the way. We found this fab map on Wood Street Walls.

  6. Get 'happy wrappy' time in front of tv, with books, whatever. Actually discussing it and looking forward to it. I recently bought a few books from Pickled Pepper Books in North London. Apart from being one of the cutest bookshops in London they have a diverse and topical selection across all ages that’s worth wrapping up and getting stuck into with your Little

What do you do to combat the Jan blues?


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