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Is Billund, Denmark Worth Visiting? Solo Family Travel With Young Kids.

lego house billund waterfall

Picture this – the ultimate playground for kids of all ages, right in the heart of Jutland, Denmark. I'm talking about Billund. It's not your run-of-the-mill destination, it's more like a mecca for LEGO lovers and thrill-seekers, maybe even water park lovers. So if you're up for a bit of fun and adventure, then the plane trip from UK to Denmark, with young kids, or any age kids for that matter will feel worth it. Whether you have only just heard about it or it's been on the cards for months or years, I'll be sharing my itinerary in this blog post to help you decide!

But first, let's get there

For those traveling from London or UK, getting to Billund is easy. Easier than building your favorite LEGO set. Several airlines offer direct flights from London Heathrow (LHR) and Stanstead Airport (STN) to Billund Airport (BLL), with flight durations typically around 1.5 to 2 hours . We flew Ryanair, because it's pretty no-nonsense and Skyscanner seemed to direct us there anyway. No lie, it felt shorter than a trip from East to West London Early on a Sunday early evening. Plus it only cost £63 return for the both of us.

Once you've touched down in Billund, it's just a short drive or bus ride to the town center, where the LEGO fun awaits. You can walk, but it's about 30 minutes and some routes are a bit unkind. Luckily we had the 'Yo Yo' buggy for travelling on the plane, but unlucky for mounting grass verges, so we stuck to the bus.

Buses take cash (who carries this?) or you download the Sydtrafik (soon to be discontinued and more user friendly) or Rejsekort app to pay. If you want to use your good old card, ticket machines are on the left just before the main airport exit (single tickets costs around 26 to 40 DKK or about £3) you can jump on 119 or 43. We needed this, because once again I had no EE data until midday and spent over an hour on my phone to them trying to sort it in Lego House with my child running riot over the Lego flowers.

Once there, you can walk everywhere in 10 - 20 mins, Super easy even with little legs.

So much to do!

Let's be honest you're spoilt for choice and it all comes down to how long you're staying. We squished most of our activities into two days and no it wasn't enough! But you can choose a la carte.

One Day - Choose one spot

Two Days - Choose one or two spots

Three Days or more - Maybe all

Lego House (Prices starting from 249 DKKpp or £29) Do it in one day or two

Our first stop was the ultimate paradise for LEGO fans and it's suitable for all ages! TBH I think you and your kids will like this even if you're not obsessed with Lego, it's a genius exhibition and you can really get involved. Journey through interactive exhibits through different coloured zones, hands-on play, and larger-than-life LEGO sculptures that'll have you saying, "woah"

The building alone is epic and you'll be impressed with its staircase to the the top and rooftop playgrounds (we didn't go on but looked great for young kids and older).

If you take your time to do absolutely everything, it can be done in two days. My kid definitely got engrossed in some spots (Blue Zone) just free-playing which stopped us experiencing some things. Take a look at my instagram post to see what kind of things happen there. Important things to remember - keep hold of your ticket and wristband to download memories of the day afterwards.

lego house mini chef food order

You also must visit the Mini Chef Cafe! Robots will serve you and the kids dinner for 219 DKK for adults approx £25, 130 DKK for kids approx £15. Drinks more on top. The food was quite good and the children were obsessed. Book in advance.

See our Lego House and Mini Chef experiences.

Legoland Billund: (Prices starting from 399 DKKpp or £46): Do it in two days

This Legoland is massive and probably our favourite in the world so far. The more attractions there are, the shorter the queues IMO. We didn't have to queue for anything at all. Thats a win with an Under 5 and great value for money. It's the stuff of childhood dreams with themed areas housing loads of rides like: MiniLand, Lego Movie World, Duplo Land and the new Peppa Pig Playground (woop). Admittedly I've been spoiled by the extensiveness of Paulton's Park's version but it was still bright, colourful and addictive in its miniature form. We also watched a show.

As you can expect, besides rides you also can also marvel at jaw-dropping LEGO creations, including a a 1:1 version of a Ferrari Monza SP1 made with 383,610 LEGO bricks plus a whole build and race area. There are life-sized LEGO characters roaming the park, driving experiences and cafes around the site. If you are stuck, pick u a map at the start. They are really helpful too and highlighted what we might want to see for his age!

Definitely recommend this over two days with a Hotel stay over as there is just so much. You can buy a season pass from 849DKK (or £98pp)

Lalandia Do it all in 2 -3 days (Aquadrome 339DDK or £39pp Day ticket)

Alright, let's get down to business. As we wind up your Billund adventure, Lalandia awaits - it's Scandinavia's biggest indoor waterpark and holiday resort. Everyone thinks this is amazing because it's everything under one roof which is a pretty cool concept. We tried to squeeze this in after Lego House which is a bit silly as clearly you need 2 - 3 days to complete it. Expect decent aquatic fun with Aquadrome: water slides, pools, lazy river, underwater aquarium picture op and a spa to chill in. My favourite thing was the Palm trees aesthetic. But how does it compare to other indoor and outdoor waterpark's we've been to? Good, but not super wow. About the same as Alton Towers (although I enjoyed that more!). Last year we were spoiled with a DreamWorks themed indoor Waterpark in New Jersey where everything was jaw-dropping and huge, including a casual character pool-side visit with Puss In Boots and then the outdoor, Aqualand El Arenal in Majorca was amazing.

One thing, you are allowed to take photos of your own family but the poolside staff literally harassed me until I found it unpleasant and, actually, just showed them my camera roll. So annoying. I ended up staying in the warm toddler pool, ditching my phone and relaxing in the heated shallow toddler area, so be aware.

When hunger hits, grab a bite poolside (we didn't) or leave for one of Lalandia's eateries. We also saw a (quite boring) Monky Tonkey show but the kids were having fun in its soft play as well as the golf, winter sports area and trampolines.

Now, here's the lowdown: Lalandia's attractions might not be everyone's cup of tea. Although I loved the fake blue sky, the resort vibe was actually not for me. Keep an eye on your wallet too as food and drinks here can be pricey, but luckily they have a supermarket which is really helpful for budgeters.

Legoland Holiday Village Cabin

How about a sleep over?

Now, let's talk about where to rest your weary head after a day of LEGO or Lalandia fun.

If you are planning to do more than a day trip, Legoland offer some great sleeping options that are perfect for young kids!

Legoland Holiday Village (Prices starting from 895 DKK or £103 per night for a family cabin): 

Most people stay in Legoland Castle hotel or Hotel Legoland which is in the park but we went for Legoland Holiday Village and loved the Wilderness Cabins for that camping-type experience. Choose from cozy cabins, themed cottages, or even a night in a pirate room aboard a LEGO pirate ship in the Pirate's Inn.

We got a one room Wilderness Cabin which had the authentic Nordic / Canadian mountains feel (you can get two rooms or a super-themed Ninjago cabin). If you’re travelling solo with kids, this one will feel a little more nerve racking, just because it’s outdoorsy, but actually, it’s fine. I did request a spot as near to reception and the pathways as possible and that’s what I got.

We will definitely book the Barrels next time. They are tiny with few amenities, (but ever so cosy). Playgrounds are plenty in this area with a Western theme to match our cabin decor and Legoland Legoredo Town area. It also had those huge bouncy bubble things and lots of wood and sand-based play! The little man was in his element.

Breakfast at the Pirates Inn was included, pretty good and so much fun with22 a games room.

Other Options we didn't try:

  • Hotel Legoland (Prices starting from 1,095 DKK or £126 per night for a standard room): If you prefer a more traditional hotel experience, Hotel Legoland is just steps away from Legoland Park It's a LEGO-themed hotel with playful touches and a terrace overlooking the actual park.

  • Legoland Castle Hotel (Prices starting from 1,395 DKK or £160 per night for a standard room):  Legoland Castle Hotel has a theme of knights, dragons, and princesses - we walked past and enjoyed the LEGO courtyard with a cute playground and a dragon that roared at us.

Cramming it in.

We totally crammed our activities into two days but really we needed three. Now that I have seen it all , I would definitely consider a day trip for Legoland (to do the rest!) or Aquadrome which is still less expensive for Londoners and UK southerners than taking a train up North during off-peak to Alton Towers and then doing Legoland Windsor.

Should you stay or should you go?

Once you decide that you like the idea of travelling abroad frivolously and for fun (and that you like the look of Lego everything and a palm water resort, it'll be just down to you booking flights.

The number one thing going through your mind is why would I go abroad for Lego or a waterpark? The answer to that will be down to how adventurous you are and whether you want that experience of entertainment all in one place!


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